COVID-19 Impact on Sustainability and Technology

The ongoing effects of COVID-19 are incessant, and has very compellingly ceased majority of the activities globally, irrespective of political, ethnic or geographical boundaries.  From students seeking their education online, to employees attuning themselves to remote working, we all are still adjusting to this virus’ aftermath. Similarly, COVID-19 has made a significant impact on sustainability and technology sector too, as stated below.


Impact of COVID-19 on Technology

It is pertinent to recognize and acknowledge the ways in which the technology sector is helping everyone to overcome the negative consequences of the virus during these times. With its versatile range of services, people are able to stay connected with their peers and folks for personal as well as professional reasons, widening their skill sets through courses available on the web, getting all necessary updates and information about round-the-clock events, while also keeping themselves entertained through online platforms such as Netflix, YouTube; in addition to enabling a number of businesses to sustain themselves through digital marketing. Here are some more ways in which technology is proving to be highly instrumental in mitigating the negative effects of COVID-19 in the current scenario.

  1. wattzupEnsuring good health and well-being

The advent of technological breakthroughs like IoT applications has enabled healthcare companies to provide facilities like checking and treatment to the people at their respective homes. It has made delivery of test kits and medicines at their doorsteps much simpler, while also taking steps to improve their services in remote areas. Furthermore, the collaboration of technological sector and healthcare services continues to come up with more innovative ideas to step up their assistance to the society for their well-being.

  1. Imparting quality education

Another interesting outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the realization that education can be provided nevertheless, despite of shutting down of schools and colleges, which can be accredited to the various virtual platforms available on the internet that support the sharing of knowledge at such an extensive level. People are also taking up online courses, many of which offer certification too, hence expanding their domains of proficiency.

  1. wattzupResponsible production and utilization

During this time of crisis, we can foresee a possibility of drastic alteration in the supply chain strategies by retailers and manufacturers. Since the current situation wouldn’t support production and distribution of new things like earlier times, this is a good opportunity to use the so-called waste products, and re-use the old ones. The trade organizations can also use data oriented softwares like Topolytics and SGS Transparency One to digitize and track their waste material and products, with the purpose of enhancing their waste management practices.

Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainability

COVID-19 has transformed the world’s dynamics regarding many aspects in ways that were just unfathomable to anyone. Even though this pandemic has resulted in occurrence of some unfavorable happenings, we cannot discredit the silver linings that have ensued with respect to sustainability.

wattzupThe nation-wide lockdowns that were imposed with the purpose of preventing explosion of the virus spread resulted in practicing of physical distancing, which further gave rise to newer ways of lifestyle, like minimized social interaction and commuting, online education,  working remotely, halt on transportation services(bar essential movement). All this has proved to be a boon for Mother Nature, with massive reduction in consumption of resources like electricity and oil, lowered levels of emission of harmful gases, further decreasing air pollution. The nature is thus healing and getting its due rest now, while we can only hope these positive impacts last for a longer duration of time, which is only possible if we continue to act responsibly even after this pandemic is over.